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Hey there! I'm Cassidi, but let's go with Cass because my full name always makes me feel like I'm in trouble. I recently made the leap from glorious South Africa to the bustling streets of London in March 2023. As I was getting acquainted with my new surroundings, a friend suggested channeling my love for writing into various topics and hobbies that I adore. That's when Get Lit With Cass came to life! Initially, it was meant to be a blog solely dedicated to literary adventures, but I soon realized that my other explorations deserved a spot on the page too. Join me as I dive into all the things that make life vibrant and exciting!

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My Story

I first opened my eyes to the world in the vibrant city of Johannesburg, South Africa, where I spent an incredible 27 years. For the past decade, I've fully embraced the academic lifestyle, immersing myself in a multitude of enriching experiences.


I embarked on my educational quest, starting with a BA General and BA (Hons) in Political Science at Stellenbosch University. Seeking further knowledge, I pursued a MA in Political Science from the same prestigious institution. But my thirst for knowledge didn't stop there! I also delved into the world of business management, completing a Bcomm in Business Management at UNISA. My academic endeavors led me to an exciting opportunity abroad. I recently spread my wings and obtained a MA in Global Risk from Johns Hopkins University SAIS in beautiful Bologna, Italy. 


While hitting the books was a significant part of my life, I made sure to balance it with a dash of fun and adventure. I proudly represented Stellenbosch University on the women's soccer team (or football, as the rest of the world calls it). Beyond sports, I found immense joy in lending a helping hand through various volunteer and charity societies.


In more recent chapters of my story, I dived into the professional world. I thrived as a project manager at an educational NGO and took on the role of an executive account manager at an exciting fintech company.


Outside of work and academics, I discovered a newfound passion for cycling. Over the last five years, I've embraced the freedom of two wheels and even dared to venture into a few triathlons (let's just say running proved to be a challenge). And, of course, I happily confess to being an absolute bookaholic. I've mastered the art of both buying books and devouring their contents


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

+44 74 2505 1353

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